Record producer and singer duo

Rachel was guitarist and singer in the seminal 70/80’s band Dolly Mixture who were signed to Paul Wellers’ ‘Respond’ label and championed by The Undertones & John Peel. Steve Lovell was a record producer for over 20 years and produced Blur, Julian Cope, Holly Johnson amongst many others.

Spelt record from home. Steve says ‘I spent over 20 years working long long hours in often sterile studio environments. The danger in those environments is that it’s easy to be fooled or I should say easy for me to get fooled. The track may sound very different when listening to it at home. I can now sit on my sofa and mix using my iPad Pro in an environment where I totally understand what I’m hearing. We also record everything in our living room even though we have a soundproofed studio in our garage. We just feel more relaxed and therefore get better results. We’ve recorded three Spelt albums this way and we’ve just completed recording Rachels’ solo album this way’