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       Rachel Love

Okay, Rachel Love has actually shared “Down the Line” in the past, with her band Dolly Mixture (hear that version), but in the re-recorded version for her debut solo album, Primrose Hill, you’ll hear some slight changes. The original had a heavy strum to it, which seems to be almost completely removed in favor of creating this dense dreamscape; the removal also seems to slow the song down, allowing for Love’s melodies to blossom in the mix. All in all, the song feels like it captures this timelessness you might only get from a black and white movie, so if you like your pop click play below. Primrose Hill will be out this June!

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Good Day Noir Family,

our “E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to Rachel Love. I discovered this Artist while shuffling songs on Spotify and I really liked the energy of her music.

Are you ready to venture into a fascinating trip?

Rachel Love’s music literally makes you travel, as soon as you press play it’s like taking off in a plane.

While listening to her tunes I started flying with my imagination and I found myself in Acapulco on the beach sipping a Piña colada.

This music relaxed me and caressed my soul.

The sounds chosen are fantastic, real instruments that find their rightful place in the mix. Rachel Love’s songs breathe and her ethereal, angelic voice is capable of moving you to the core.

The beautiful chord progression keeps you glued to the speakers from the first to the last second.

Actually, I didn’t find any flaws in the songs of this artist. Everything is thought out and put in the right place.

Rachel Love has clear ideas on how to propose herself to the masses and she does it in a clear and professional way.

A wonderful discovery that I absolutely recommend to everyone.


Primrose Hill is Rachel Love’s Album Out Now!

      Austin America Blog

Review In Austin Town Hall Blog

You might remember Rachel Love when all of us were clamoring to get our hands on one of the few copies of her band Dolly Mixture‘s remastered works a few years ago. Now, Rachel’s out on her own, and she’s offering up this really powerful pop ditty. It’s the sort of pop that borders on the edges of classic doo-wop and chamber pop; it’s the super hard not to get swept up in those string arrangements and light vocal flourishes (which feature her son David btw!). I have a feeling this song will be playing over here for the rest of the day! Look for Primrose Hill to drop later this summer via Cow Chow Records.

     Start Track Review

Reminiscent of 90s psychedelia-indie pop gem brings Primrose Hill by Rachel Love.  The track is surrounded by wandering pocket vignettes of energy and lives up a timeless ambience carried by familiar tenderness. It’s captivating in some way and a lure win overall.

      Indie Midlands Review

‘Primrose Hill’ is the new single from former Dolly Mixture member Rachel Love. It’s also the title track of her debut solo album set for release in June.

‘Primrose Hill’ starts off with a cello playing which lulls you in to thinking you are about to hear some classical music. Instead what you are about to hear is some classic dream pop.

The lush summery vibes will transport you to another time and remind of acts like St. Ettiene. Love’s sweet vocal is incredibly soothing. Conjuring up thoughts of two about to be teenage lovers frolicking in a sunny field somewhere in France. Both dressed in white the sun dazzles off their clothing as their shyness with each slowly fades…

It’s tough times right now thanks to the ‘C’ word. If you want to forget and feel good for three and a half minutes then I implore you to click play below.


Simon Adams 

Good Day Noir Family,

our “E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to Simon Adams. I discovered this Artist while shuffling songs on Spotify and I really liked the energy of his music.

What a beautiful atmosphere that Simon Adams proposes to us, a typically British way of making music that immediately reminded me of the Beatles.

These Eternal harmonies are able to speak to the heart

I especially liked the guitars that in the way they were plucked in some passages reminded me of the sounds of the Caribbean islands.

This mix of styles is the strength of this talented artist who undoubtedly knows music very well and feels it in his soul.

The chord progression is refined and the harmonic choices are never trivial.

Simon is careful with every nuance and the sound and the mix make this song live well… like a child that begins to walk and then in a blink of an eye is already running.

Nostalgic and sweet melodies that excite and create the right atmosphere for those red sunsets where you remain enchanted admiring the sea.

Something In The Air is Simon Adams’s Album Out Now!